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Before there was HD, Viral Videos or iPhones...they were revolutionizing the world of Advertising with mad genius, Egos, Ambition and a whole lot of Cojones. We follow the lives of the players, the beginnings and changes of a mid-west advertising agency. Not too far from where Tiger King was filmed... AD MEN is full of wild stories, crazy stunts, and a focus on these bad boys of Oklahoma.

HART & SOUL ENTERTAINMENT have teamed up with SKYLINE MEDIA GROUP to explore a period of robust production during a matchless time, fertile with creativity and a little insanity.

Executive Producer Chad Stalcup and Director Brett A. Hart, who brought the feature film BONE DRY to life as well as created thousands of commercials during their decade of production together, work alongside Bonnie E. Hart on this ambitious Docuseries that shows what life is like behind the smoke & mirrors of Advertising.

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