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Like many stories, the desire to connect through the mediums of cinema and sound began in their youth.  


Brett found his foundation in the epic drama of the movies as a young boy, concluding at the age of seven that he was to be a Director.  

Bonnie equally found her’s in music.  Playing the piano and singing until she found her love of the opera in her early teens.

These two artists would not find one another until after years of cultivation and experience.  

But, when these two forces joined, it was instant kismet, a ‘love at first sight’ love story and a collective desire to communicate their ideas and stories to the world.  Thus, Hart & Soul Entertainment was born.  


BrettAHart Full Resolution.jpg
Brett A. Hart
Director / Writer / Producer

Brett A. Hart - Is an Emmy Award Winning Director, Producer, as well as an Award Winning Writer and owner of Hart & Soul Entertainment. Passionate about the business of humanity and telling stories that resonate, Hart is dedicated to permeating the hearts and minds of his viewers. Falling in love with cinema as a child he began filming at the age of 11. After he graduated film school at The University of Texas at Austin, Hart had amassed a diverse skill-set in film-making. Over a forty-year span, he has worked heavily in Advertising, Music Videos, Feature Film, and Television, leading to Award Winning Directing, Editing and Cinematography.

For over a decade, he was the Creative Director of one of the most innovative advertising agencies in the Midwest and became known for his unique and cinematic vision, gaining national attention when Jon Stewart highlighted the first of his gripping Tornado Promos. Hart considers Directing Film Legend James Garner as a highlight of that prolific period in Advertising. Influenced early on by his mentor Director, Richard Franklin (who was himself mentored by the legendary, Alfred Hitchcock) Hart has persevered to carry the torch of suspense as seen in his early films, “Dead End” & “Bone Dry” (starring Lance Henriksen, Luke Goss, Tiny Lister & Dee Wallace).

Hart went on to Direct the critically praised PBS series, ’Ain’t it Cool With Harry Knowles’ (sponsored by IMAX & originally produced by The Nerdist Channel in conjunction with Jim Henson Productions & Broadway Video). The show whimsically championed Cinema and is a cinematic treasure trove of interviews with such mavericks as Burt Reynolds, Danny Boyle, Tim Burton, Leonard Maltin, JJ Abrams, Wes Craven and Ernest Cline, to name a few.

Now living in Los Angles, Hart has several projects on the horizon, having teamed up with Legendary Actor Christopher Lloyd and Emmy Winning Writer Rob Kutner ("Conan O’ Brien”) to film a pitch for an anthology series now presently in development. Most recently Hart has been praised for his diverse casting and female focused film, “Coffee With Exes”, winning over 28 awards including Best Director. Brett would later be honored when asked to be a contributing author to the first biography on British Director, JOHN GUILLERMIN: THE MAN, THE MYTH, THE MOVIES, the visionary behind "THE TOWERING INFERNO", "KING KONG" & "DEATH ON THE NILE". With a documentary in production, several feature films and TV series’ in development, Hart is thankful to be doing it all alongside his wife, write / producer / composer, Bonnie E. Hart.

Bonnie E. Hart
Producer / Writer / Actress / Composer

Bonnie E. Hart is a multi faceted artist in the film and stage arena as an actress, writer, composer, director, producer, professor and singer. All her accumulative skills have served in her ability to harness passion and inspire those around her.  Receiving both her Bachelor and Master degrees from The San Francisco Conservatory of Music in Operatic and Theater performance, she has performed over 30 roles on the stage from Shakespeare to musical theater and Opera. Performing on many stages, Ms. Hart has performed iconic characters as Lizzie Borden - “Lizzie Borden”, Carmen - “Carmen”, and Cherubino - “Le nozzle di Figaro” - three of her most pivotal roles within her reputation as a diverse actress with power, range and exceptional comic timing.  She’s also produced and directed such stage works (most recently) the musicals “Les Miserables”, “The Sound of Music”, the opera, “Hansel and Gretel”, the cabaret show, “Miracle on 2nd Street” and countless more.

As a professor of music and voice, Bonnie was a member of the voice faculty at The University of San Francisco and Vocal Director of The San Francisco Boy’s Chorus. She is a well known voice and acting coach for a multitude of actors/musicians in Los Angles as well as composes and produces tracks for artists in all genres.


Mrs. Hart has blended her abilities into the film arena starting with, Hart & Soul Entertainment, who she co-owns along side her husband, Emmy award winning director, Brett A. Hart.  Ms. Hart was most recently executive producer and composer for the multi award winning film, ‘Coffee with Exes’, producer and composer of ADMEN, a docuseries, presently in production with Skyline Media. She was producer and composer for the viral film, ‘Glide’, ‘White Lies’, starring the renowned Christopher Lloyd. Currently, as a writer, she has several dramatic comedy series’ for television as well as thriller, horror and sci-fi feature films in the works at several Hollywood studios. 

Passionate about giving back to a cause that has touched her life deeply with her son, Stavros, Bonnie has written, produced and directed a myriad of concerts benefiting clinics that support those who have autism.

Jess B&W.jpg
Jessica Bishop
Producer / Writer / Actress

Jessica Bishop is an actress, writer, and producer. Jess has written and produced viral comedy for many large YouTube brands including FailBlog (14 million subscribers) and FML (59 thousand subscribers). Her work has been featured on several comedy platforms such as Funny Or Die and Cheezburger Comedy. Additionally, Jess has acted in popular web series and music videos such as Princess Rap Battles (14 million views), Sh*tty Dates (10 million views), and Little Dude Anthem (1 million views.)


Aside from her work in film, television, and web, Jess has a background in stage work and has performed with several regional theater companies throughout the country. She lives and works in Los Angeles, California.

In 2020 Jessica joined Hart & Soul Entertainment  and their first collaborative efforts were the production of "Coffee With Exes" a comedic short that Jessica wrote, starred in and Executive Produced.

It was clear early on that Jessica, Bonnie and Brett had the same synergy, passion and similar goals in life.  Most importantly changing the world by bringing the very best of their efforts together to not only entertain, but to leave their audiences with resonance. 


"Drama is life with the dull bits cut out" - Alfred Hitchcock


“To stop the flow of music would be like the stopping of time itself, incredible and inconceivable.” -Aaron Copland

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