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Samples of Bonnie's music...

Music is the raw emotion we feel when words escape us.  When we are unable to find the dialect in which our emotions are speaking.  These unspoken, tender and sometimes grieving moments are the ones where music fills you, allows you feel fully that which can not be understood or expressed in any other way.   

Film scoring inspires me, because it is in the subtext of the actors and the visual landscapes that music finds rest.  Thus, the audience experiences a depth they may not even be aware of.

Themes are vital to this relativity of character and emotion.  We find solace in knowing that when we hear a particular theme, we can expect a particular character or idea.

Songwriting is much the same in that the words either flow with the text in an honest way or they are at odds, allowing us to witness a character's struggle to understand their own truth and that of the world around them.

I find it a privilege and an honor to discover new ways of letting an audience ‘hear’ emotion. Empathy should never be dismissed as trivial.  For it is the tether that binds us all and music is the master of it's leash.

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